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Posted by zhou124 - November 27th, 2020

Hey! How are you doing?

 It's been a while since I uploaded my last post, and the reality is that it has been a very interesting and rare year. Putting aside the problems that the pandemic and quarantine brought, to be honest, it was quite productive when it came to uploading new jobs and projects for me. So today I would like to share with you the work I have done in recent months.

 Let us begin!

Madness Day 2020 

To be honest, this was one of the best madness days I have ever had, not only because of the large number of projects that took place this year, but also because of the great moment that I spent with great artists, my friends. However, I had the opportunity to participate in that great day by organizing a collab together with some great artists and in turn another animation in which I worked with a colleague. If you have not seen it yet, I invite you to see them, it is very worth it.

Dance Moment 


Madness Diluvium Ep1 


The Way To Valhalla


As I said before, this madness day was great, I really had a very good time together with my friends. I hope the next few years are even better!


 These last few months I've really been working very hard with sprites, I feel like I'm improving a lot in that area. I want to show you some that I did lately in these times, I will show them in order by date.

I have created a new weapon design for a project with madnesia19


Watch it in HD

I made the oc of Uroguro as sprites in adobe flash.


Watch it in HD

I recreated the oc in Adobe Flash as sprites, for my friend aren-dp I spent a lot of time and effort on this.


Watch it in HD

Also, update my good friend Trazord oc, I wanted it to be the closest thing to the original sprites, so it's not a big deal.


Watch it in HD

A small gift for my friend MushPrun, it was quite difficult to create this oc based on some sketches, but I am very happy with the result.


Watch it in HD

Do you remember the remastering I did to the Madnesia oc in 2017? well, i updated them again recently.


Watch it in HD

And as usual, I have updated the sprites of my oc for the fifth time, I am quite happy with the result!


Watch it in HD

A deagle that I made, and I quite liked how it turned out.


Regarding 3D printing, I recently had the pleasure of fulfilling a small wish of mine. Make a 3D oc model of madness, I'm very happy with the result and it won't be long to print it as a piece.


And that's it! obviously is not much since it does not show everything, if not, the highlights. At the moment I am working on three projects, My personal project that I previously showed around all this time, a collaboration that I am doing with my good friend Tuvster and for the last one I am collaborating in Jailbreack. Many great things are to come, stay tuned!

By the way, I have twitter! My Twitter

See You!



Posted by zhou124 - March 11th, 2020

Hey! How are you doing?

It has been a long time since I shared something here, and it is not surprising, since lately my times have begun to shrink more than normal, and sincerely a stage in my life is approaching in which responsibilities increase and hobbies decrease. But hey, leaving aside the ramblings, I would like to show you a little work that I have been doing for a long time and some other new news that I am currently working on. It should be noted that some of these have already been a long time since its creation, so if you notice a difference in quality, it is because they are already old. Therefore I will try to sort it chronologically, for more comfort! 

Let us begin!


A long time ago, I had the idea of updating the sprites of Madnesia19 character, I didn't want to get out so much of her character's design, so I kept that simplicity that her original character has. I was satisfied with the result at that time.


Watch it in HD

Leaving sprites aside, I also went deeper into experimenting with visual effects, in this case I tried to create a particle effect, to be the first one I do, it's not bad




As you can see, a while ago, I was collaborating on a project together with Madnesia19, my task was to create some enemy units for your film and one that other sprites more. Even if they already have some time, I can admit that it took me a good time to design these children, it was not easy, but I am happy with the level of detail that I gave them! This squad is called "Brute Force"


Watch it in HD


Watch it in HD


Watch it in HD

These are some weapons that I made for the project


Watch it in HD


Maybe, at some point, share the sprites so they can use them in their projects. Someday.


This was a small gift for XFA, he had trouble updating his character, so I lent him a hand so he could create his different perspectives, even though the change was quite large compared to his old character, I'm glad that I use it as a reference to finish the sprites of it. It is worth mentioning that Dankon helped to create the hair sketch.


This was also a small gift for my friend Celess, I am quite proud to create this oc! And also, Many thanks to Uroguro for giving me help with the hair sketch


Watch it in HD

In case some saw the animations of Madnesia, most likely they have noticed that the characters when speaking, have a text box to place the sentences. With that point in mind, I had the idea of ​​making my own design of a new text box for Madnesia19.


Watch it in HD

This was a character who believes based on an idea that Madnesia had at the time, the character was abandoned and discarded at the end, even so, I feel he can be a good character in some project.


This was a mini project that I did with Uroguro a long time ago, unfortunately it could never be completed and was forgotten. Luckily, one of these days, she will remaster this drawing.



And finally, to start this new year, I updated my character, reacting all the sprites from 0, obviously always maintaining that resemblance to the original design, but innovating as far as everything is concerned. I must admit, that he was one of the characters that I dedicated more dedication and more detail I put.


Watch it in HD

I would also like to contribute, that in recent months, I was spending time to become more professional in the area of ​​3D design and 3D printing! Since my studies allowed me to focus on this area, to the point that I can already have a 3D printer personally, so I can print the parts I designed for myself. It is a completely new new environment to which I was accustomed, leaving aside a little the experience I obtained in SFM (which I still use). Even so, the progress is remarkable, and who knows, maybe one day share my designs on this site



And obviously I must say yes! I am still working with my personal project. Not trying as hard as before, but at least there is one advance, since in recent times I was devoting myself to remastering some scenes and some sprites. It is on the right track, but little by little I make progress! Here you have a small spoiler


And that is all I have to share so far, obviously I did many more things during all this time, but these are some that highlight more of everything. But well, at least it is enough to show something and not be so inactive on this site, and speaking of inactivity, I most likely do not have all the time in the world to progress in my daily projects, but it is true that I will not leave them abandoned, every time I have free time, that I will continue to progress!

See You!



Posted by zhou124 - November 24th, 2018


Leaving aside my project a bit, I worked on some things that I would like to show you, it's not much, but it serves as an excuse to be a little active on this page.

I took some time to update my oc a bit


I was interested in working with the shooting effects, and after a while, this was the result 

5645044_154308771241_unknown.pngA little gore does not come at all bad


I have been creating some weapons, but I could say that this is my favorite


Well, gentlemen, that was it. Regarding the project, now that I have more free time, I will be able to work more deeply, but at the moment I do not want to assume a launch date, since in the end I will regret it.

See you!


Posted by zhou124 - March 5th, 2018

It's been a while, right?

These last days I was taking things a bit more calmly, it can be said that I put a little aside the tests, and I proposed to create my own project with an acceptable duration. And I must say that the project is already underway, with around 400 frames currently in execution.


And finally I leave you a small test that I did recently.



See you!



Posted by zhou124 - January 27th, 2018

After all, I keep doing animations and developing other projects that I have in mind. Although Adobe was very bastard these last days, I could recognize an improvement in my animation style. For that reason, I would like to share 3 clips that I made these last days.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Posted by zhou124 - September 22nd, 2017

Happy madness day to all, I hope you are having a good time.
I'm sorry but I do not have anything because of lack of time ;_; 
But still enjoy this beautiful day! 

Posted by zhou124 - August 12th, 2017

Guys, I leave my new character fresh out of the oven E.E
Sorry for the inactivity and greetings!